Trail Transfer, want to know more?

Trail Transfer is a hassle-free relocation service that works to your schedule. It starts with our booking process. Simply follow the booking guidelines and choose a date and time that you would like to ride the trails. All you have to do is choose from where and when you would like to start your ride, and we will do the rest. It really is that simple.

Once you have booked we connect you with a local cycling enthusiast, we call them trailblazers. They regularly take on the tracks so can give you some tips about how to get the most out of your bike ride. They will make contact with you to organise a location where they can meet you on the day to collect your vehicle. On the day of the transfer, they will be ready waiting when you arrive, they will help you unload and prepare for your ride. Once you are off and away they take your car and drive it to the endpoint of your track. Once we reach your destination we park your car and lock your keys in one of our secure lockboxes, your car is then left safe and waiting for you. You can then take your time to ride the track at your own pace, not needing to clock watch or wait for a transfer once you have reached your destination. 

Why choose this service?

Gone are the days of waiting tired to be picked up by your transfer, no need to squeeze onto a crowded bus, you arrive at your destination having cycled the trail and your car is waiting for you.  Trail Transfer is for anyone wanting to cycle the Central Otago trails at their own pace and in their own vehicle. We can arrange to collect your vehicle from any destination that suits you. You could set off from your hotel, a winery, or the start of the track. Our riders or trailblazers are locals who have a passion for cycling and adventure. 

Central Otago Trails

We are currently offering transfer services for the Lake Dunstan trail, Central Otago's newest cycle trail. 

The Lake Dunstan Trail is a cycle trail connecting Clyde and Cromwell. 

An engineering marvel the 55km cycle ride has been given a grading of 1 - 2, most of the track can be ridden at a leisurely pace with short sections providing challenging summit climbs. The track runs parallel and at times even above the Dunstan track, with sensational views of the towering mountains that flank the track, the track embodies the real Central Otago experience. 

The track connects two scenic historical locations that visited during any season provide a stunning show of natural splendour. Both townships have a diverse selection of shops, cafes and restaurants. 

We are growing!

We will be offering transfers on the Rail Trail for the Summer season of 2022.  We are also looking for Trailblazers across New Zealand who are wanting to offer transfers in their region email us at

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