Your car relocated to where your going

Trail Transfer, Move your car on the trails.

We relocate your car from the start of the lake Dustan trail to the end of the trail, at a time that suits you.

Currently offering trail transfers for the Lake Dunstan trail.

You cycle
to your car
We relocate
your car
We relocate
your car
You cycle
to your car
Man using phone to book a trailblazer for a trail transfer

Choose where & when you want to leave your car.


Park your car and meet your Trailblazer.

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Family riding bikes on the Clyde lake Dustan trail

Your Trailblazer will drive your car to your end point.


Pick up your car from your destination.

Trail Transfers collecting your car

Lake Dunstan Transfer


Transfer of your car from one side of the Lake Dustan Trail to the other.

Transfer of one Car
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Easy smooth Service

Why choose trail transfer?

No waiting
ride without deadlines
support a local rider
No Hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the transfer work? We've put together a handy list of the most asked questions to help you understand how our service works.

Who will be driving my car?

Your car is collected by one of our friendly local riders. Riders are cycle enthusiasts from the local area. Once they have parked your car at the end of the trail they will cycle back the opposite way on the trail. You normally cross paths on the way. It keeps business local which we love!

How do I know where my car is left?

Once you have been booked in your will be connected with your Trailblazer, they will arrange all the specifics of where you would like your car to be left. They can relocate your car to a hotel or airbnb or can park in public parking bays if you have no accommodation plans.

Where do you operate?

Currently trail transfers runs between Clyde and Cromwell on the Lake Dunstan Cycle Trail. We offer a transfer service that's fully flexible to your needs. If you would like to book a transfer on another route, send us a message to let us know. Request a custom transfer here.

How do I get my key back?

We will leave your key in a secure lock box once your car has been relocated. We will message you the location of your car and of the key lock box. Once you get to your destination you simply collect your key and leave the lock box as you found it locked.

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